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wsvsqw > Boss Lady: She is not to be messed with > 1 An unusual afternoon
It was a bright, beautiful day in Paris. Sitting on a table in a cafe caught up in her work, sat the young lady dressed in a formal suit. Her outfit a tan blazer and pants and a white tee paired up with black boots wasn't what one would describe as cute rather it was a very sleek yet stylish and gave off a sense of power .

As she went through her emails in her laptop, a man dressed up casually walked next to her table. She didn't see him coming while she was busy working ,when all of a sudden he grabbed her bag and ran off. The people around them were just staring and didn't bother to go behind him when they saw her as she immediately actioned the manager to look after her laptop and her belongings as she chased him. The man tried to tease her and slowed down not realizing she had just started off when he was suddenly knocked out from behind and she strangled his arm as she trapped his neck with the other hand and soon the man was locked in her grip and he he tried to wriggle out of her grasp she grabbed hold of her bag. "You're out of luck that you decided to mess with me" she said as she punched him in his core making him fall on the ground. She knew he was no longer a threat to her but being a responsible citizen she called the police to prevent further incidents.

The patrol car arrived, and two officers stepped out, the shorter went over to the thief and clasped his hands in the handcuffs, while the other taller officer went over to the lady dressed in a tan suit "Are you alright miss? " he asked her.

"Yes officer I am absolutely fine" she replied.

" May I know your name young lady and is there something we could help you with ?".

She answered "My name is Grace officer, I don't have anything missing so I would just like if you could take him behind the bars and make sure he doesn't try to rob any other innocent person".

The officer looked at her amazed this woman managed to stop a pickpocket herself and she doesn't seem to be anxious there wasn't even a slightest bit of fright in her eyes rather she looked rather calm.

"Miss I am really surprised and I must tell you I am impressed how you managed it by yourself being a lady". She looked at him for a second then began, " Officer a woman can train as hard as men and even beat them if she wants, many of us just don't get the opportunity to realize this as we are taught to look beautiful and sit at home like a trophy something meant only for display and not accepted as someone who can compete with men." The officer was again stunned with her response. He had to admit besides being physically strong she also had a very strong influence, her confidence and righteousness was something that one couldn't help being captivated with. "It was a pleasure to come across you miss Grace, you are an inspiring woman. I hope to see you again". She smiled at him, " Thank you officer, now I must get back to work" . And she walked back towards the cafe.

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