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It was a winter vacations.we were busy in playing gully cricket suddenly ball was hitted at the roof of a home.I gone to take ball and knocked door.

Door opened"..

I was shocked, My heart beats got fast,my legs were vibrating, I never looked her before.I looked her face she looks like a beautiful doll.her eyes like galaxy with lots of shining stars her lips looks like silk.her chicks pinkness looking like cotton candy her gold brown hairs cover her side face, eyebrows and her eyes...

The pale sunlight shine on her face was enhancing her beauty.

She asked: hey who are you..,what happened.what you want??

I: ma.., ma.., ma..,

She: what rubbish that.what you want to say.what ma.. ma...

I sayed in very low and scared voice."My ball"

She: where????

I: At your roof...

okay, wait i bring your ball.she told..

It's yours???? asked me.

I: ye.., yes

She: what happened why you so scared...

Me: nothing,

And I run away from there...

I was thinking about her, whole night... Whenever I closed my eyes her face was shined.I was got mad to think her.

Next morning I was on my roof.suddenly I saw her.

I beckoned to her and say Hi..

She didn't reply and ignore me.

I again point outed to her.

Hey hiii.....

She also beckoned back to me.

That was life's best morning ever..... I was so happy.I don't know what was happening with me. It was a coincidence same day at evening her elder brother called me to come on his birthday party...

I was so happy and afraid.what reaction will have her to me.I got ready like that day was my engagement day.

I reached at home.her home distance was just about only 5-6 homes between both of them.

I: Hey Naman happy birthday.and gave him a gift.

Naman : oh thanks bro.. Now you have to come with me for dinner,okay...

I : no no it's ok...

His eyes finding her... In all directions..

Naman : Oh come on bro.. Come with me.

I: okay... Let's come

We both sat on dining table.with some friends

Then,suddenly I feels someone coming from behind me.when i turn around she was coming.where i was sat.she came near to me i was new for her.

she: Hi, whats ur name...

I continuously looking her face.. Like there

was nothing to see except her.everything is dark and a white moonlight focused her.

Naman :hey what happened... Bro everything is okay...????

He: yes.!! No nothing..

Naman: meet her she is my younger sister Shivangi..

I said hello in very scared voice.

Naman : hey shivangi I'm going out to drop my friends.you serve him food.

Shivangi : okay... Come soon.

She asked me do u want something??

yaa.. a glass of water... I replied

There were have no anyone around us.

She: take it... Do you Want more somethings...

I:thanks.. No. Nothing else..

Shivangi :well what's your name????

PRATHAM I replied...

Shivangi : wow nice name.... I like it..

That moment i forgot e

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