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wsvsqw > Pokemon: The way to eternity > 1 Three wishes
We are in Barcelona, ​​more specifically in the rambla, where a lot of people walk without worries, enjoying a quiet time. Among the crowd of people, a young boy walked quickly to the subway.

The young boy, with white hair, approximately 1.75 meters, dodged people very efficiently, since in that sea of ​​people it was extremely difficult to move-as he did.

After a while, he reached the stairs that led to the subway. The young man proceeded to put on top of the escalators. While the stairs descended, the boy for some strange reason was paralyzed.

Unable to move any muscle or make any sound the boy was increasingly worried.

The young man could only look forward. Time was eternal, the minute it would last when the ladder ended its journey and the young man reached his destination, now it seemed interminable.

What surprised the young man was not his incapacity for movement but what was happening around him.

"Am I seeing wrong?" - said the young man in a thought. "Because they all become transparent!" - he shouted in his mind.

In the eyes of the boy, all the people who were coming down with him, became transparent, and with a speed that would make the same ghosts look ridiculous.

Time passed, the young man was increasingly desperate, not knowing what to do, the only thing he could do was admire the amazingly beautiful world in which he was.

"How can this be?" - asked the boy - "At one point I was in the Barcelona metro and now in this completely white place." - continued saying the young man.

After some time, the boy was finally able to move his body.

"Fuck. How good it feels to be able to move the body. "- the young man shouted as he made small jumps.

The boy checked around, to see if he could get any clue as to where he was. The young man walked for quite some time in a straight line, until at last he could find something different from the previous one.

In front of him was a small black column holding a gray tablet. The young man touched the column in search of some indication of how to get out of this strange place. He found nothing so he decided to continue examining the tablet.

The moment his hands touched the tablet, it began to change, turning from gray to pure white. After a few seconds, some letters began to emerge forming a text. The letters took a black colour.

"Welcome, traveler. I am the guardian who defends the boundaries between different worlds.

I do not know how you got on the astral plane but now you have an opportunity to enter and explore another world. You are on the border of your previous world with the Pokemon world.

You can choose if you want to transfer or return to your previous life. If your decision is to stay in your old world your memories will be altered so that you do not remember anything of the astral plane.

Then you have to say if you stay in your world or travel to Pokemon. When you have it clear, simply tell me your answer and we will continue with the process. "

Without thinking, the young man shouted immediately and with all his heart. "I want to travel to the Pokemon world."

"Very well, you will not regret your decision. Very few people have the opportunity or the luck to find a fault in the world and transfer to the astral plane. Maybe that was your destiny or maybe just luck, although the truth does not matter. As a reward you can ask three wishes related to the Pokemon world, of course they have to be beneficial for you but without being exaggerated. When you have it clear just tell me your wishes out loud "

"Three wish eh!" - said the boy - "Also do not have to be too exaggerated" - continued the young man to himself.

After a while thinking, the young man finally finished deciding on his three wishes.

"As a first wish, I want all the Pokémon that I have in my possession to have the IV's to the maximum, being 31 in all the categories." - said the young man.

"As a second wish, I want to be ab

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