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A sheet of paper with 4 lines written on it appeared in Bai AnLing's hands and looking at the information they contained he stupidly blinked his eyes.

Name: Xu Yuan.

Age: 25.

Sex: male.

Work: Art critic.

"Why did I just get a piece of paper with information I already knew?"

He was trying to figure out whether Vine was making fun of him or it was just stupid, failing to understand what Bai AnLing meant when he used the word information.

[This is the information I currently have on Xu Yuan since he is only an NPC like character, meant to bring Shui Hong, the protagonist, the fame he needs to conquer He Ju, the female lead.]

"So you are saying I have nothing but luck to go on?"

Bai AnLing tiredly rubbed the bridge of his nose as he if was having a huge headache, this day was not going well so far. The emotional roller-coaster Bai AnLing has been through in just these past few hours was taking its toll on his mentality, tiring him to no end. Seeing the desperation and fatigue in its host's eyes, Vine felt shame for not being more useful to him as his system.

[Host, it is possible for me to go survey Xu Yuan for a few days, to collect information. Will that be helpful?]

Bai AnLing lifted his head and his phoenix brown eyes suddenly returned to their lively state, as if nothing was burdening them a second ago. The quick change alarmed Vine, as it was unable to understand that its host had tricked it.

"That will be very helpful!"

Bai AnLing revealed a happy smile full of white teeth, his mood turning for the better. The handsome man smiling happily at him looked very warm, making Vine forget about his suspicions towards him.

"By the way-"

Bai AnLing suddenly looked like he remembered something and wore a face full of contemplation.

"-whatever had happened to the small villa next to the sea, the one that belonged to the Lin couple? It wasn't owned by the Shun family after all, so it probably wasn't included in Shun RongTian's will, right?"

[The Lin's villa? I don't think it was in the Shun RongTian's will....]

Finally catching up with Bai AnLing's line of thought, Vine realized in amazement how smart its host was.

[Now that I think about it, the villa is probably still owned by Lin Li!]

Since the villa wasn't owned by Shun RongTian to be given to Lin Li in his will, the Shui family probably didn't even knew it existed so they couldn't have taken it away from him.

"Just as I thought! This is perfect!"

Bai AnLing was very satisfied with this development, if he can go live in the sea-side villa a lot of problems will be solved for him. He'll no longer have to pay rent since the house was owned by Lin Li's deceased parents, making his life much easier.

"Vine, can you go check the state of the house for me?"

He decided to have Vine check that information immediately, in order to give himself a possibly more comfortable life.

'If I can even move there today...

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