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wsvsqw > The Path Of a Cannon Fodder > 1 Prologue
"Damn it all!!!!"

Bai AnLing frustratedly shoved his wheelchair away from the wooden desktop in his bedroom, while slamming down his phone on top of it. On the screen, you could still read the latest message his girlfriend, or now more accurately, his ex-girlfriend wrote to him.

{Jia Song: listen, I think we should break up. I wanted to believe you are able of feeling love towards me, but now I feel that I was fooling myself, you don't know what love is. I wish you a great life, and that someday, you'll be able to love someone.}

"How can she say that I don't know what love is?!"

As he was fuming over what could possibly be the issue and what he possibly did wrong, Bai AnLing grabbed his smartphone wanting to send a reply to Jia Song's text, but in the end, he didn't know what to write and gave up. Bai AnLing put his phone down back at the desk and sighed. He looked at his unmoving legs, feeling regret.

"Is it because we couldn't have sex?-"

One year ago, Bai AnLing had an unfortunate accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Being a difficult person to get along with, and also with no living relatives, he had almost no one to visit him in the hospital as he was recovering from his injuries. Only Jia Song, a 20 years old and a bit tomboyish medical student, would visit him and talk with him from time to time, ignoring his bad attitude altogether. She sometimes came on her free days as well, trying to cheer the 22 years old man up by telling him jokes or complaining about random things. Thanks to her Bai AnLing's mood and condition improved greatly, so after he was released from the hospital they started dating.

"-or maybe it is because of my current weak appearance?"

Ever since the accident, Bai AnLing's body has lost a considerable amount of muscle. If before the accident he had the body of an athlete, now he had the body of a stay at home geek. He became skinny with a white skin from the lack of sunlight and a tender and round face. His big black eyes that were framed by black eyeglasses also added to the weak image he presented.

"If not for that stupid accident, I'd still be handsome and strong. Songsong would never have dumped me if I still looked like that..."

Bai AnLing once again sighed in regret when a deep and raspy voice was heard behind his back, making him freeze in fear.

"I think you are perfect just the way you are right now."

With his instincts kicking in Bai AnLing tried to quickly turn his wheelchair and escape to the door, running away from the voice. The results of his hurried actions though, were only making himself go off balance and fall together with his wheelchair.


During his fall Bai AnLing shut his eyes closed, so he was clueless as to how he got to the position he was in when he opened them again. He was laying on the floor with a masked man towering on top of him and caging him between his arms, a crazy look in his eyes.

"Who are you? How di

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