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Bai AnLing was furious and kicked the plot book that was laying on the dirty floor with his shoe, causing the book to fly and hit one of the walls in the room with a loud bang.

The reason Bai AnLing was so mad was that this whole story about Lin Li's life and death was actually only the start of the novel.

"This plot is so messed up! Not only does Lin Li lose everything given to him by his grandpa, the things he created himself are taken away from him and claimed to belong to another person! Why is it that after he suffered all of this, even his death is only used to start the story progress?!"

Just as Bai AnLing said the story actually begins in Lin Li death, giving Shui Hong his fame and fortune, only described in a few sentences. The main plot is about how after 'he' succeeded and got famous Shui Hong meet He Ju, a famous gallery owner who fell in love with 'his' artworks. It speaks mainly about how it was love at first sight for the both of them and about how after dating for a some time and overcoming many struggles in their relationship together, they finally get married in the end of the book and even have two kids of their own.

His death was the last thing mentioned about Lin Li in this story, which infuriated Bai AnLing to no end. He once again walked to the book, stomping on it until the brown leather cover was turning white from dust and covered in shoe prints. Seeing it's host was getting out of control and was abusing the cover of the special plot information book, Vine decided to try and calm Bai AnLing down.

[Host, please calm down. Your missions are to prevent Lin Li's death, get revenge against the Shui family and to become a famous artist. You will surely get your chance to release your anger later on.]

Hearing the logic in Vine's words, Bai AnLing took a few breaths to calm down and in the meantime looked around him once again. After a minute or so, Bai AnLing was once again calm and able to think clearly.

"I see, these are good missions.... By the way Vine, I still don't understand why I'm in this shabby room. Isn't Lin Li supposed to still be rich and live with the Shui family at this point of the story?"


Not hearing an answer Bai AnLing thought that maybe Vine was having some technical issues at the moment and repeated his question, only to encounter the same silence as before.

"Why are you quiet all of a sudden?"

He questioned Vine, his head slightly tilting to the side in suspicion.


Vine kept quiet, making Bai AnLing wary of its behavior.


He once again inquired, his phoenix eyes narrowing.

'Vine, you shouldn't dare to try and hide anything from me or lie to me, or else....'

His expression showed such warning on it in a very clear way, making Vine feel very uncomfortable, like a lamb waiting to be sacrificed. Bai AnLing narrowed his eyes even farther as he continued to question Vine, his image becoming one of a dangerous yet somewh

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